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By using this search tool, you understand that there are limitations as explained below.

This search only displays those who have completed the full USA Cheer Safety & Risk Management Course. Youth course completions are not displayed here. Proof of your Youth Cheerleading Safety & Risk Management Course can be found in your USA Cheer account.

The information available on this search may be delayed. This search is updated periodically from our online courses and other sites where our course is available, such as nfhslearn.com. Courses will appear within two weeks after completion.

This online tool is provided to assist in verifying that a coach has successfully completed the USA Cheer Safety and Risk Management Course. Due to data entry issues, possible spelling errors, or name changes, this lookup is not a definitive list. This list does not include the modified versions of the course, such as the youth or special athletes courses. Coaches wishing to provide their certificates for those courses can find their certificate in their USA Cheer member portal.

Keep in mind that names may change due to many factors including marriage/divorce, use of official name instead of common name, i.e. “Katherine” instead of “Kathy”. In addition, the possibility exists of someone having the same name, i.e. “Jane Smith”. For this reason, we include the coach’s city and state at the time of the course completion.

If you do not find a coach’s information here, you may ask for proof of completion from the coach. Due to the issues above, we will not definitively report that a coach has not completed the course to anyone other than the coach. If a certificate must be reprinted and mailed, we will provide a reprint service to the coach for a fee.

If you feel your name is not included in the coach search or need to correct a spelling error or name change, please contact us at jlord@usacheer.org with details.

If your certificate is expired, you can complete the course using one of several options under the Safety tab at USA Cheer.