NCSSE No Longer Aligned with NCSF

The National Council for Spirit Safety Education (NCSSE) announces today that the organization will no longer be aligned with the National Cheer Safety Foundation, according to NCSSE executive director Debbie Bracewell. "NCSSE's mission is clearly and specifically for the education of cheer and dance coaches," says Bracewell. "Involvement in anything that is in conflict with that mission is obviously counter-productive." The stated mission of NCSSE is to provide comprehensive safety training and certification programs for the educational development of spirit coaches and advisors through an international council of unified industry leaders. The National Council for Spirit Safety Education—6 years, 10 countries, 3 languages, 2 spirit fields—is a comprehensive source for cheerleading and dance safety education. Coaches of all types of squads–school, all star, youth, recreation, college–take part in NCSSE courses. The course materials were developed by a team of professionals in the spirit industry and the medical and legal fields. The material is updated regularly as new information emerges. Four core courses contribute to a comprehensive study of coaching cheerleaders and dancers. Each course includes a 3 1/2 to 4 hour discussion of the material followed by a test. Taught in classroom settings, the courses include an interactive exchange of ideas and discussions on spirit-related topics with input from the coaches. These face-to-face situations combine education that is formal (NCSSE manuals) and education that is informal (learning from life experiences) as class participants contribute their insights. The NCSSE’s philosophy is “Education–not just certification.” The NCSSE is unique as coaches are encouraged to take all quality safety education programs. "The belief that one or two safety courses is all a coach will ever need is contrary to accepted educational philosophy," Bracewell asserts. "Continuing education in the coaching field increases the knowledge base and skill base of a coach; it helps the coach formulate coaching strategies to teach cheerleaders new skills and safer techniques. Continuing education contributes to a coach’s persona as a professional. The NCSSE believes that trained coaches are safer coaches." NCSSE is funded and supported by these companies in the cheerleading industry: AmeriCheer, British Cheerleading Association, Cheer Ltd. Inc., National Cheerleading Federation, National Spirit Alliance and UPA Cheer and Dance. If you would like more information, call Debbie Bracewell, Executive Director, (866.456.2773).

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