AUSTIN, TX (September 21, 2009)—Cheer Channel Inc. (CCI) and The National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) have announced a partnership to promote and develop programming around comprehensive safety and training education within the cheerleading and dance communities. NCSSE will be part of CCI’s growing lineup of programming. Under the partnership, CCI will use their worldwide reach to tap into cheerleading markets and promote the values and goals of the NCSSE. CCI will provide easier access for NCSSE’s customers to participate in online safety training. These customers will be able to participate in classes through webinars or interactive on-line classes that allow users to view demonstrations, rewind and take the exam at the customers’ leisure. Audiences can further work together with NCSSE through CCI’s robust, interactive network. The promotion of a cheerleading network together with a cheerleading safety association, addresses the well-being of participating athletes. “Safety regarding the sport of cheerleading has been under a microscope” said Cindy Villarreal, founder of CCI. “Promoting education coupled with an easy-to-access approach will provide coaches with curb service.” CCI allows users to connect and follow their favorite organizations as well as be part of on-going discussion as the content is created. “With this partnership, the NCSSE and CCI will encourage comprehensive knowledge for the athletes’ well-being and greater community understanding,” said Debbie Bracewell, executive director of the NCSSE. CCI will power NCCSE’s capability to send newsletters and updates to its audiences through the CCI corporate directory. About the NCSSE: The NCSSE is an association of international companies whose goal is to provide comprehensive safety training and certification programs for the educational development of spirit coaches and advisors. The organization employs risk management and ethics procedures coupled with safety and education courses in an effort to provide cheer and dance teams with the utmost protection and support. About Cheer Channel Inc.: CCI will serve as the premier destination for the millions of athletes and fans of the spirit industry. As an interactive, multi-platform destination, CCI provides the latest emerging media technology offering spirit audiences maximum reach. It has the capablity to extend and leverage its brand through domestic and cross-cultural mediums. Cheer Channel aims to provide an international platform for the spirit community to access spirited news, fashion, and events as well as to be part of original content as it is created and displayed through branded entertainment.

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