The NCSSE has two new safety manuals in production—Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics and Program Management and Dance Fundamentals. The Principles and Ethics course has been designed specifically for dance coaches and directors desiring to build a foundation necessary for a successful dance program. This comprehensive overview covers the roles and responsibilities of a dance coach/director, coaching ethics, safety management, sportsmanship, and other key elements for successful coaching. The Dance Fundamentals course includes instruction on basic counting of music, terminology, foot, hand and arm placements, step by step guides to correct spotting and balance drills for turns, and drills for better pirouette turns. Included is an in-depth dance glossary packed with terminology related to basic, intermediate and advanced dance steps, positions, leaps, turns, jumps, walks and variations. This course contains program management sections covering methods and practices that can lead to a successful dance program. . Debbie Bracewell, Executive Director of the NCSSE, says the new material came about due to numerous requests from coaches. “Dance coaches of all levels will benefit from the new material. As our current courses are focused on cheer coaches, the new manuals are written with the dance coach in mind.” Lisa Saline, president and CEO of UPA, says, “The NCSSE Dance Fundamentals provides valuable information that will enhance any program. The tools, guidelines, details and descriptions will help a new or veteran coach tremendously. I strongly encourage any individual with an interest in dance to take this course. It’s amazing!” The courses will be available this fall, but Americheer will be hosting a special offering of the Dance Fundamentals course at their August Spirit Expo. For course offerings in your area, check the NCSSE web calendar at If you would like to set up sessions in your facility, call the NCSSE office at 866.456.2773.

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