Spirit Cheer Begins Safety Initiative

This year Spirit Cheer will be proactive in asking the question “Are you Safety Certified?” Spirit Cheer wants to bring awareness, education and confirmation to cheerleading and dance safety standards. “By incentivizing all coaches to be safety certified by a state, national, or international organization we can only increase the safety and awareness of all the athletes” stated Glenn Cook, Vice President of Spirit Cheer. There are numerous agencies in the world of cheer and dance that already credential coaches to be safety certified (NCSSE, AACCA, USASF, as well as other State and International Organizations). This movement will allow Spirit Cheer to reward and identify gyms, schools and organizations that follow such standards of care for our young athletes. Spirit Cheer will offer certifications and safety courses at selected events around the country for the upcoming 2008-2009 event season. This will make it easy and convenient for all coaches to become certified. Current supporters of the Spirit Cheer Safety Initiative include NCSSE, AACCA, USASF and Core Athletics. Mike Pare, President of Spirit Cheer says, “This Initiative is something we believe our industry needs to embrace and with the support of organizations, gyms and companies, this it can be a win, win for everyone.” Spirit Cheer will be providing incentive programs to register for their events while Core Athletic will offer various product discounts with presentation of a certification. Spirit Cheer will give a reduction in competition fees to help fund coaches’ safety certifications in their area. All All-Star coaches/participants will also receive discounts to merchandise purchased through Spirit Cheer’s merchandise arm 360 Down Apparel with validation or presentation of their USASF ID or credentialing card. Furthermore, Spirit Cheer is calling for all Event Producers and Companies to put some type of reward system in place for certified and credentialed coaches. An incentive program is one way we can stand united as and industry, effect change in a positive way through a reward system for the greater good and allow every participant, parent and coach to know we are going the extra mile to make our industry safer one. For more information or to get involved regarding this new movement please contact Glenn Cook at Spirit Cheer at 1-888-716-2287 (gcook@spiritcheer.com) or visit the web site at www.spiritcheer.com.

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